Unimaginable loss. Extraordinary love.

A learning community with real connection, tools and guidance

Why We’re Here

Loss by suicide or overdose, there’s not one simple thing about it.
Heartbreaking, groundshaking, full of unanswered questions.

Every year thousands of women across the US lose a child or partner to these epidemics and struggle to make it through each day. On top of the loss, they wrestle with stigma, regret, guilt, anger, anxiety and confusion. All while their families and communities depend on them.

The MindPeace Miracles 501c3 nonprofit organization combines strong community with a proven program of targeted healing tools. Our founder, Elaine Alpert, M.ED, recognizes that while ‘telling the story’ is vital, much more is needed to truly LIVE again. Elaine and her husband Tom know first hand the impact on families and communities. In 2004 they lost their bright and sensitive 16-year-old son Rand by suicide.

Will you join us to stop the cycle of hopelessness and pain?

Now we’re expanding to offer support with the loss of loved ones by illness and accident. Additionally our programs will include loss of relationship, health decline, and the grief we carry about decisions made in our past. Stay tuned for news about trainings for professionals. Subscribe below to stay in the loop!

Our Founder Elaine Alpert on Facebook Live
After Suicide or Overdose: What Helps to Heal


“I’ve been to every single place there is for healing, but most of my healing has come through your workshops. It has made such a difference that I just want to go out and tell the world!” – MB.S.



“To finally find a mom who KNEW my pain, that has survived and used her loss to help other moms is EXACTLY what I knew I needed and had to have.” – L.B.


“I feel like I’m growing now versus the last five years. It was that same narrow path over and over, suffering with guilt and unable to have real fun. I pretended a lot. This is the first time, through this course and after having a private session, that I’ve felt more peaceful and free.” – M.S.


“The processes I have learned from Elaine have had profound and lasting effects. I have done a lot of work with therapies, workshops and group work, but Elaine’s ability to get to the heart of the matter and her techniques for healing are amazingly efficient, deep and immediate.” – J.H.



“I now feel untangled and unknotted… I can stand up straighter, my neck stopped hurting, my jaw is better, and I can actually exercise… The connection with all the other moms is a very healing, solid foundation for me.” – M.R.


“I highly recommend this Retreat for anyone unfortunate enough to be in this situation. Do this for yourself!” – J.E.


“There is nothing more powerful or more healing than surrounding yourself with people that understand your struggles because they have endured the same. I yearned for someone who could comprehend my loss.” L.B.


“It helped me to come out of the darkness and into the light. I would highly recommend this program and Elaine to anyone who has experienced a traumatic loss and needs help to heal.” – P.B.


“The past doesn’t creep up behind me and pull me under the waves of depression like it used to. Elaine’s classes were a catalyst for this tremendous change!” – K.C.