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“Elaine Alpert personifies what William James describes as one who is ‘a clearer of the darkness.’”
Sarah C. Lopez, PhD
“Such a magical read…. This book is a treasure, a standout on our shelves for anyone facing a significant loss.”
Leslie Delp, MA
Bereavement Specialist
Founder of Olivia’s House: A Grief and Loss Center for Children
“Real, raw and right on target for those experiencing loss … Your future self will be forever grateful.”
Mary Margaret Ryder, BSN, RN

About Elaine Alpert

Elaine Alpert, M.Ed., is the founder of MindPeace Miracles, a non-profit organization committed to helping women reclaim their lives with purpose, meaning and joy after loss. Combining her experience of significant loss with her expertise as a speaker and certified trainer of twenty-five-plus years, she brings to light a unique way to journey with grief. Elaine and Tom are celebrating 34 years of marriage and live in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can learn a different way, how to 'live within your loss.'

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