Helloooo Deeper Streamer!

The more I work with Parts, the more fascinated I become with our inner landscape… and the combination with somatic work and creative expression is completely… other worldly!

I want to keep the work going. And, with the Documentary series requiring more focus, Trippy is the only group program I will lead in the first half of 2024, possibly the only zoom program of the year.

Getting certified in the IFS model is integral to the film and requires completing 200 Parts Work sessions. Therefore, the Trippy group program includes private IFS sessions, and there is also a ‘Private Sessions Only’ option.

Now, a few logistics:

~ Once everyone is registered for the Option of your choice, I will email you a survey to choose dates and the Workshop lengths you prefer. If you are doing Private Sessions Only, you will be emailed a link to schedule on my calendar.

~ After Workshop dates are emailed to you, if you know you cannot attend 2 or more of the LIVE Workshop dates and you’d rather opt out, you can ask for a refund within a week of my email or switch to the Private Sessions coaching package.

Just want you to know…

I really worked on making this offering as flexible as possible. For some it may feel too soon to enroll in another program. Others are waiting for what’s next. Either way, feel free to email me with questions, requests, or concerns and let’s talk it through.

The way I see it… 

Self-energy is vitally important in 2024, especially in these volatile times… and such an important election year in the US. 

I hope you will join us!

Big Love from me, sailing over to YOU in the Deeper Stream

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Both Options give you a $40 discount off each private session!

Everything begins in January 2024…

A new year of loving all Parts of yourself and growing Self-energy!

Option 1: Group + Private

Limited to 12 women.

*NOTE: You can also gift these private sessions to someone you know, provided that Elaine has agreed that your referrals are a fit for her work.

$1350 Register by Dec 5 for $1250

6 Monthly Payments of $230 each

Option 2: Private Sessions Only

You can re-up this package in 2024.

$795 Register by Dec 5 for $750

3 Monthly Payments of $265 each

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