Deeper Stream

With Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

January - April, 2022

Sponsored by MindPeace Miracles Nonprofit

In a world full of uncertainty and divisiveness, our saving grace is the deeper dive.

With everything we face these days, I often hear women say, "I need a place, just for me."

If you also want an intelligent, compassionate group to take your personal work to new depths, it's no coincidence you landed here today!

What’s the focus of Deeper Stream?

Your personal Bold Journey Back to Joy.

If you feel drawn to be in this group, it means that you're a woman who’s seen a lot of living.

You're no stranger to diving deep, those nearby bookshelves are full of inspiring authors. I bet we could have some interesting conversations!

And If you are like me, you keep an eye out for your next inspiration.

Maybe your life is rocking along pretty well right now, and the idea of being with women who care deeply about lifting our voices in the world is very appealing.

Or you are wrestling with significant losses and limits delivered to your door, unbidden. Getting just the right support with a powerful, proven method could change the trajectory of your precious life.

My own Bold Journey, facing and living with the loss of my 16-year-old son Rand, followed by a series of losses and limits, informs every aspect of my work with women today.

Wherever you are, however you are doing... this could be the place for you.

Here's the thing about Deeper Stream...

It's not only WHAT you learn, but HOW.

It's the way we interact, the high quality of support from other women, and seasoned guidance from me.

Plus, a unique, multi-faceted approach to finally lay down those debilitating core beliefs and behaviors that keep popping up, despite all the work you've done.

You'll gain illuminating ways to work with the subconscious mind that bring sanity, truth, revelation and results!


What I absolutely know is that YOUR personal Bold Journey really matters. I'd love to hear about your life and what you most want.

Let's have a conversation to see if Deeper Stream is a fit for you!

With love and expectancy,


In Deeper Stream, you can anticipate...

  • A curated confidential container with intentional women committed to our process
  • Encouragement from the group to trust yourself, have your voice and create results 
  • Targeted coaching from Elaine in Workshops and in our private Facebook group
  • Your private Zoom session with Elaine
  • A Support Partner within the group, thoughtfully matched to you and your goals
  • Unique, proven Tools & Processes from The MindPeace Method®
  • 24/7 streaming access to Workshop Video Recordings and downloadable Handouts
  • A downloadable audio experience from Elaine
  • Tech & Admin Support from Elaine's assistant, Iris Poole
  • Private Facebook Group for this group only
  • Live Zoom Workshops:
  • 6 Deep Dive Workshops (interactive, engaging and heart-centered... humor is key!)
  • One of the Workshops is held as a Small Group Focus of no more than 6 women

[Limited to 12 participants]

Our 6 Dates ~

January 29 - February 13 & 26 - March 13 & 26 - April 10

*When everyone registers, we can change a couple dates if needed, as long as each person agrees. Sessions are recorded for viewing by your group only, so if you must miss a session, we have you covered.

But please take this required step BEFORE you Register. Set up a time for conversation!


Deeper Stream

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About Elaine Alpert, M.Ed  

Elaine Alpert is committed to the deeper dive, to receiving what Life is teaching us through the difficult, exhilarating, painful, and beautiful moments of our lives. She is known for her bold and compassionate leadership, calling women forward to become more real, more loving and more at peace in their own skin.

She holds a multidisciplinary graduate degree with specializations in Transformative Learning, Integrative Health and Trauma Healing. Elaine wrote her thesis, ‘Fostering Resilience: Conscious Engagement with Life As It Is’ as academic groundwork for The MindPeace Method®, a proprietary educational program for personal and community healing when life becomes especially challenging. 

Elaine has been a certified Trainer for the More To Life Foundation for 20+ years, leading dynamic workshops and retreats internationally. She is licensed to use More To Life tools which provide a foundation for The MindPeace Method®. In addition, the MindPeace Method® draws from the fields of leadership development, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, mind/body medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, indigenous practice, spirituality, and a broad range of the arts.

On a more personal note ~ 

In 2004, Elaine and her husband Tom were blindsided when their bright and sensitive 16-year-old son Rand ended his life in a fit of anger and despair on their younger son's 9th birthday.

As a result of her own Journey Back to Joy, Elaine founded a nonprofit, MindPeace Miracles. Acknowledging that women deeply impact families, communities and businesses, MindPeace Miracles is continually expanding its offerings to support women who are ready to discover great meaning, purpose and joy through life's challenges. The educational foundation accepts donations to offset program costs and to provide scholarships.  

Elaine and Tom are celebrating 34 years of marriage this year and live in Atlanta, Georgia. Their younger son Kaz is now 26, married, and has also been on quite the healing journey.