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Your donation creates a ripple effect of hope and healing.

Thousands of women facing traumatic loss are struggling every day, trying their best to help their families at the same time. Your gift makes it possible for these women to hear about us, and for us to give them the highest quality programming at the lowest cost possible. We know that when a mother, daughter, sister, and partner learn how to heal, their families and communities can heal too. 

Option 1 – Be a PeaceMaker!

With your Monthly Donation, we can keep all Program costs low. Your support also helps us launch new initiatives to reach more women and families across the US and Canada.

  • Live Workshops & Retreats
  • Online Programs with Tools & Guidance
  • Talks & Interviews for Hope & Inspiration
  • Guided Facebook Groups for 24/7 Support
  • Podcast for suicide & overdose prevention, and support after loss
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Option 2 – Be a PeaceSister!

Your Direct Sponsorship brings light into the darkness! You make it possible for women with financial hardship to be the recipient of supportive community, unique tools and expert guidance.

  • Offer spots in an Online Program
  • Provide seats in a Weekend Retreat

Option 3 – Make a Donation Today!

Every Gift you give helps women and their families reclaim LIFE again… with meaning, purpose and, yes, even joy. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your generosity. We appreciate you!

Your donations are tax deductible. MindPeace Miracles Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit.