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2024 holds our most impactful project to date!

A message from our founder, Elaine Alpert

Ohhh, the times we live in… Every week another conflict, another disaster… another loss. 

Around the world, how do we keep opening our hearts and doing what we can to help without also burning out… especially if we are struggling, too?  

Feeling the intensity of it all, we at MindPeace Miracles have been soul-searching for the past year, asking ourselves:

*What is OUR part to play right now… how do we bring more love and compassion into the world, as well as practical support that makes a real difference?

And then, while brainstorming with a dear woman in my life… a lightbulb moment!

“What if we create a film… and maximize it for GOOD in the world??”

And NOW, my friend, it’s happening.

My years of working with people to reclaim joy and purpose after adversity, and all the training I’ve been so fortunate to have across 30 years, is coming together…

In collaboration with an international award-winning film director, we are creating a 6-part docuseries in five countries with a powerhouse purpose:

This film series is a call to action for personal and collective healing, championing the power of human connection and the commitment to a deeper dive inside -- an invitation to reawaken compassion and faith in ourselves, in each other, in our planet, and in the beauty of life itself.

A peek inside the series…

In one episode very close to my heart, we're bringing forward a groundbreaking way to effectively work with young men facing difficult circumstances and suicidal ideation. You may know that Tom and I lost our 16-year-old son to suicide in 2004, and I am completely serious about getting this episode into the world! Feeling isolated and believing they are a burden to others are core issues - the rate of suicide and overdose is now at the highest level ever.

In another episode, we're working with a group of women overwhelmed by caregiving for their families, including aging parents, and feeling frustrated by the limits of the US healthcare system. I am personally in the midst of this dilemma. The amount of stress and heartache calls for more internal resources and true support.

And, we'll tackle additional critical issues of our time, such as worldwide polarization and racial conflict... but from the 'inside out', where understanding, compassion, and change actually begin.

Personal healing leads to a more loving, inheritable world ... ME to WE.

We’re now raising funds to bring our 6-part Docuseries to life...

Filming six episodes in 5 countries requires significant funding. The financial support of many people holding this vision will create a groundbreaking series that continues its impact over time.

With your support, we’ll sensitively document the inspirational healing journeys of individuals and groups facing life challenges that deeply affect so many of us, including real interactions with our expert facilitators.

We have already engaged international thought leaders and award-winning professionals to create this series.

Our film director, for instance, taught documentary filmmaking to graduate students for over 25 years and created her own celebrated films – she really knows the ropes, from concept & budget to international distribution. Quite a partnership! 

How YOU can be a part of bringing this series to viewers everywhere…

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Join the amazing community of people bringing this project to LIFE in 2024 and 2025.

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MindPeace Miracles is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people everywhere reclaim purpose and joy after significant life challenges.

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Who We Are

The bios below reflect personal journeys with painful loss and the ‘Bold Journey Back to Joy’, as Elaine describes in her book, Beyond the Why of Loss: A Brave New Way to Move Forward.

Collectively, Elaine Alpert and Iris Bolton have many decades of experience, helping people find their way after the hard hits of life.

While the docuseries is not intended to be ‘promotional’, viewers will experience powerful paths to healing, those created or utilized by MindPeace Miracles.

💥 And Coming Soon… The MindPeace Miracles nonprofit website will undergo a makeover to align with our expanded purpose!

Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

Founder and Board President,
MindPeace Miracles Inc.

On a dusky Spring evening in 2004, while celebrating our younger son’s 9th birthday, our family was blindsided by the unimaginable.

Our 16-year-old son Rand… (read more here…)

Iris Bolton, MA

Board Vice-President,
MindPeace Miracles, Inc.

Iris Bolton is an international lecturer and consultant who offers hope to people bereaved by death, loss and suicide. She is Director Emeritus of The Link Counseling Center, Atlanta, Georgia, where she served as full-time Director for 36 years … (read more here…)

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