6 Private Sessions with Elaine Alpert, January to July 1

In each session, we’ll use Internal Family Systems (IFS) as the main modality – not to be confused with commonly known ‘Family Systems’ therapy.

This is the most paradigm-shifting process for transformation I have found to date! I have been focused on IFS since being trained by the IFS Institute and use it personally… the amount of freedom, clarity and spaciousness I’ve gained continues to amaze me.

News Flash🎉 I will be featuring IFS in my upcoming documentary!

Find out more about IFS from founder, Dr. Richard Schwartz, who will actually be featured in the film series.

For a limited time as I ramp up to filming and will have less time for private appointments, I’m offering a 6-Session package at a reduced rate. It’s time to take advantage of my 30 years of experience, working through all sorts of tough life challenges.

6 Sessions $790 ($200 off through January 25!)

Schedule a call with me to see if this is a fit for you.

Both Options give you a $40 discount off each private session!

Everything begins in January 2024…

A new year of loving all Parts of yourself and growing Self-energy!

Limited to 12 women.

*NOTE: You can also gift these private sessions to someone you know, provided that Elaine has agreed that your referrals are a fit for her work.

$1350 Register by Dec 5 for $1250

6 Monthly Payments of $230 each

Option 2: Private Sessions Only

You can re-up this package in 2024.

$795 Register by Dec 5 for $750

3 Monthly Payments of $265 each

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