The Mother’s BOLD Journey

Creative & Spiritual Deepening for Mothers after Pathway to Peace to Mind 

Journey Guide + Uplifting Tools + Inspiring Authors 

And of course we’ll share the love!

So let’s embark on a ‘surrender experiment’… consciously.

In order to have some fun (yes please!) and gain insight into how this invitation can profoundly impact your own healing journey, we’ll integrateThe Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer, available here on Amazon.

The key is… how to take it off the page and into your life, especially after such tremendous loss.

So what does it look like? 

This is an uplifting journey to further heal your heart… and trust what it knows. 

A bold experiment to follow the invisible thread… to access information you can’t normally see.

An opportunity to let go of ‘making things happen’ and allow what wants to happen next.

What might your life be like if you create more flow & ease?

Here’s what you can expect:

Deepen your Inner Wisdom…

  • Expand your ability to access your powerful intuition
  • Draw magical ‘coincidences’ into your life, feel the connection to All That Is
  • Allow your reservoir of creativity to reveal what to do in your life
  • Experience ‘The Unseen Therapist‘ as a healing guide
  • Grow your capacity to receive messages from your child 

Expand your Knowledge…

  • Uplevel your learning about Lifeshocks and mine the gems
  • Learn how to let fear & worry heal you
  • Get the latest on how to grow a Resilient Brain so you know what does & doesn’t work
  • Broaden your capacity to support your Resilience Partner & feel extra layers of support too

And the usual goodies for you…

  • Downloadable Recordings & Handouts within 24 hours
  • Unlimited Text support as Elaine is available
  • WhatsApp connection & Private Facebook Group
  • Tapping and other mind/body Tools!

A note from Elaine about who this program is for…

It may appear that this is a program for moms who are not grappling with grief. But not so, everyone is. We’ll work with aspects of your loss as they arise. No matter where you are in your healing journey, you have a place here.

That said, we’ll move into additional arenas of healing. By “following the invisible thread” and adding ‘The Unseen Therapist’ as I mention above, feel free to use your name for this Force… Life, God, Beloved, Lord, Universe, Great Spirit or other names of reverance. Whatever your tradition or lens for your life, I think you will surprise yourself in this program. All kinds of wonder may show up in your life!

Also this is not a traditional ‘book club’, we won’t be going chapter-by-chapter together. Recommended books are meant to flesh out your learning. You can read at your own pace, lets keep it simple!

And if you cannot take on a Resilience Partner for a period of time, it’s OK. Sometimes our schedules are full!


  • We’ll meet one time a month, March to September (7 total).
  • Dates will be selected by answering a SURVEY.

Ready to Join us? Here’s what to do:

1) Register asap (sooner is better for planning, no later than Monday, March 19)

2) Then, immediately go to this Survey to choose dates. We’ll go with the most popular ones. You can get a refund if dates don’t match your schedule.

The Mother’s BOLD Journey

 Creative & Spiritual Deepening for Mothers after Pathway to Peace to Mind Journey Guide + Uplifting Tools + Inspiring Authors



$425 – Paid in Full $225 – 2 Pay Option

Addtional Program Details I need to let you know…

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