After 2 years of offering shorter MindPeace programs …
Introducing an ongoing way to Connect and Grow!

You are invited to ‘come as you are’ once a month for community, tools and guidance. Together we are finding our way within this loss.

How it works
We’ll meet online on the Zoom video platform. You’ll receive Tech Support to get up & running if you are new to this community.

After you Register, you’ll choose your available dates by Survey. If selected dates don’t work for you, you can ask for a refund. We’ll have Session 1 sometime during the last 2 weeks of April.

What each MindPeace Month has in store for you

  • A safe and compassionate place to be yourself
  • Connection to a powerful community of mothers who need no explanation
  • Wisdom from other moms, inspired options and perspectives
  • And the structure needed to make change happen!
  • Guidance from Elaine as a mother committed to sharing a path of deeper healing
  • Targeted tools to help you make progress on the Journey
  • Encouragement to build personal practices that grounds and supports you
  • A ‘Resilience Partner’ for support between sessions (you choose how much)
  • Access to a guided Facebook group
  • Handouts & Recordings every month 

Our 1st & 2nd Quarter Focus (6 sessions, April to September)

Taming the Tiger … Calming Your Heart

  1. Help with identifying and dismantling triggers
  2. Tools to stop the cascade of anxiety around aspects of your life & loss
  3. How to build more steadiness inside yourself and solid ground to stand on

Quarter  1:   April – May – June
Quarter 2:   July – August – September

Quarter 1 Only:

Quarter 1 & 2 (Save $25):