Dear One,

Such a sweet spot waiting for us by this beautiful river …

And I can’t wait to be together in person again!

The inspiration for this retreat?

YOU, of course.

In light of 2 transformational advanced IFS trainings in recent months and my own inner work and research in adjacent arenas of interest, I want to give you time away from the details of daily life, a safe space to do deeper work, to love yourself and the gift of your life even more:

My heart is full of love for you!

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Retreat Schedule

(subject to Minor changeS)

A Few Details

Our Retreat House: 251 Riparian Way in Ellijay, Georgia

Our Accommodations
This is a beautiful container for our experience – a 5-star rating 90 minutes from the Atlanta airport in average traffic. Elaine is renting an additional home very nearby where some participants will sleep and if a car is needed for transport to the venue, we will group you accordingly. The main house has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, one bedroom has 3 queens, so maybe a mini-slumber party? A few rooms have king beds that require sharing. That said, you will not be paired with a snorer if that’s an issue for you. We will do our best to offer you the best experience possible.

Included in your Retreat Fee
Trainer-led 3-Day+ Workshop & Supplies (5 Workshop hours more than 2023). Your accommodations for 4 nights and all meals, snacks and drinks (Thursday afternoon snacks and dinner through Monday breakfast), UNLESS we do a restaurant meal where you’ll pick up your own tab (very unlikely). The fee is the same whether or not you stay over Sunday night.

There may be a couple of private rooms available for an upcharge, which Elaine will tell you about in a follow-up email.

Our Team:  Jane Gooding & Lavita Marks are doing all the incredibly supportive things they do… and Pauleen Ward Brown is cooking for us!

What’s not Included in the fee
Transportation to and from the Retreat House. Your preferred specialty snacks/ teas, markers, journal/ sketchbook.

Potential Film Crew at this Retreat

Those who attended last year’s retreat will remember the sculpting of Polarized Parts and how we remarked that it was a shame we hadn’t captured that exercise on film! But it was not the time.

For Ripple, we may have part of my very sensitive-to-the-moment documentary film crew present on Saturday or Sunday – 3 truly amazing women who love what we are up to and are deep thinkers and seekers in their own lives.

If so, this will be a “trial run” before filming a documentary episode in 2025. The goal would be to capture a few hours of interaction, checking out camera angles and sound issues for this type of small-group work.

They are very aware that we will turn off the camera as needed –  there is no need to capture the most vulnerable moments in our group. 

Some of you know that, in the past, there were conversations within More To Life about a desire for “real time” training footage to allow potential students to understand more about what occurs in a More To Life Weekend. It just hasn’t happened for many reasons. Down the road in this project, my plan is to provide relevant footage from episodes for the organization’s use, as we will be creating the gestalt of a MTL training at times.

So, if you register for the retreat, please know that filming is a possibility. It may be that very short clips (a few seconds at a time) are used to promote the documentary series prior to the filming of the first episode. If we do move forward with this idea, you will be asked to sign a standard release form.

If you want to be at this retreat and have questions or concerns, email me soon, so we can talk outside of your private sessions.

A glimpse of the film project at this point, so you know more about what you are supporting…

Imagine that these future 45-minute episodes are knit together with aspects of my personal journey and contain about 15 minutes of retreat highlights — people interacting and ‘doing the work’ you know well (and more).

We intend to attract participants who catch our vision. How their Yes to this project can impact viewers who are also grappling with big lifeshocks — from the state of our upside-down world to the conflict in their personal lives… and how all of it brings up trauma from the past ready to be healed.

Following the backstory of key participants, film viewers discover what brought them to this retreat and what they really want to create in their lives. How the inner work opens up more love and connection, and a free-flowing reverence for the magic of life itself… the Bold Journey Back to Joy… rippling out to more and more people, inspiring, lifting, awakening.


Ripple Retreat!

3-Day+ Workshop, Supplies, Accommodations & Meals 

September 12-15, 2024

Registration for Trippy participants is due by June 10.

After June 10, the retreat is open to others in the Deeper Stream community.

Register Early to Assure Your Spot!

Full Payment
$ 1795 1 Full Payment
4 Monthly Payments
$ 525 3 Additional payments of $445

Would you like to donate to our Gift of Support fund to help those in need of financial aid for this Retreat, or for another MindPeace Miracles program in the future? Your donation will be earmarked to provide this assistance and is so appreciated.

Thank you!

Please Note: The MindPeace Miracles Refund Policy

A refund or a transfer of your Retreat Fee to another MindPeace Miracles program is possible if MindPeace Miracles must cancel the retreat due to unforeseeable circumstances. Refunds are not possible otherwise, due to the small group size and commitment by the nonprofit for costs incurred. Your registration reflects your acknowledgement of this policy.

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