Welcome to Summer Monthly Dip!

June 25 – July 17 – August 13


12pm – 3pm Eastern

You’re IN …

Here’s to a beautiful time together!


IMPORTANT Program Details I need to let you know…  

Refund Policy Please note that due to the intimate size of this group, refunds are only offered within 3 days of registration. If you are struggling with creating what you want to create in this program, it is up to you to schedule a brief conversation with Elaine to proactively address issues. If at any point a participant’s behavior is deemed by Elaine as inappropriate for Deeper Stream, Elaine will make every attempt to discuss the issue with the participant. At her discretion, the participant may be removed from the group without refund.

Date Changes Every effort will be made to adhere to the advertised Workshop Dates, however Elaine Alpert retains the right to reschedule if needed. In rescheduling, she will make every effort to meet the needs of the entire group. Date changes proposed by a group member are possible if all agree to the change.

Copyright and Trademark MindPeace Miracles nonprofit contracts with Pathway to MindPeace LLC for use of The MindPeace Method®. All material in courses created by Elaine Alpert for Pathway to MindPeace LLC are under copyright and/or trademark law and may not be duplicated or distributed in any way. More To Life material is licensed to Elaine Alpert by Anne Brown, PhD, and identified with copyright notice. All processes, tools and teachings delivered by Elaine Alpert and assigns are part of The MindPeace Method®.

Confidentiality All interactions within courses are held in strict confidentiality by Elaine Alpert and her team, and participants are expected to keep confidential all information shared, so that no participant is identified by what they say or do without their explicit permission. Streaming video recordings of sessions are provided for course members only and are not downloadable.

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