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Online Programs (48: please convert these links to mindpeacemiracles.org)

   Start with us here (48: I haven’t wanted to list/promote these as ‘levels’ to go through as in Level 1, 2, 3 or to call to Pathway ‘Introductory’ because it sounds less impactful… but the courses ARE sequential. Ideas are welcome! I could see them having color blocks associated with them, the color getting deeper as you get to the C programs, which would reflect the personal work going deeper)

Pathway to Peace of Mind: https://elainealpert.com/peace/ …… After loss by suicide

Pathway to Peace of Mind: https://elainealpert.com/mothers…. After loss by overdose


MindPeace for Moms Online: https://elainealpert.com/mindpeace-for-moms/

MindPeace for Moms: Healing Tools for Partners with a Loss by Suicide: https://elainealpert.com/partners/



A Mother’s Bold Journey: http://elainealpert.com/mothers-journey/


And Winter Circle Online is full of connection, support and guidance during the difficult Holiday season.



April 12-14  Atlanta GA    MindPeace for Moms Retreat https://elainealpert.com/moms-retreat

September 20-22  Plum Island, Mass.  The Mother’s Bold Journey (no link yet)

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Schedule a free Conversation with Elaine to talk about one-on-one Mentoring. All Private Sessions use Zoom video conferencing.

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