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Since you're considering working together,
here's a little more info...

Right now, I’m in preproduction for a 6-part documentary series with an award-winning filmmaker – a call to action for personal and collective healing in a world longing for more love and compassion.

We’re including amazing modalities like Internal Family Systems (IFS), often confused with the commonly known “family systems therapy”, but quite different.


The founder of IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz, will be featured in our documentary!

Check out his simplified demo at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference:

So… what can you anticipate in our work together?

Kindness, care, and skill from me. The emergence of “outside the box” insights. A deeply meaningful (and even mystical) healing experience that changes how you feel about yourself, other people, and life itself. Mix it all together with actionable steps and you get very tangible results with a healthy dose of grace and ease.

Since being trained by the IFS Institute, this way of working with our inner world has become an integral part of The Bold Journey Back to Joy, the framework I first developed for myself and family during a time of major loss and challenge. Now it can be an eye-opening roadmap for your own transformational journey, which lights a path for those around you.

The spaciousness and compassion that people are able to
access and feel inside changes everything.

As a nonprofit founder, author, artist, certified coach and international trainer, I bring 30 years of experience in the field of personal and spiritual growth to serve what YOU want to create. 


Sound like a fit? Schedule a conversation!

MindPeace Miracles (501c3) keeps fees accessible. 

Both Options give you a $40 discount off each private session!

Everything begins in January 2024…

A new year of loving all Parts of yourself and growing Self-energy!

Limited to 12 women.

*NOTE: You can also gift these private sessions to someone you know, provided that Elaine has agreed that your referrals are a fit for her work.

$1350 Register by Dec 5 for $1250

6 Monthly Payments of $230 each

Option 2: Private Sessions Only

You can re-up this package in 2024.

$795 Register by Dec 5 for $750

3 Monthly Payments of $265 each

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