Join Elaine Alpert in her sun-splashed studio
for a deep & light, heart-filled 2-Day Workshop
to bring you peace and meaning after the loss of your Dad…

Losing a father – particularly one who lived a long life – is way more impactful than our grief-averse culture acknowledges.

As a daughter, our loss can feel a bit diminished or unrecognized for what it really is

We often hear, “He had a good life… you had him a long time… at least he’s not suffering anymore… he’s in a better place… that’s good…”

And while these things may be true, it can leave you feeling wistful for something more, a deeper conversation…

     I recently lost my brilliant 88-year-old dad to the side effects of dementia… falls, hospital stays, over-medication… He was inside the memory care system, and while several of us in the family did all we could to make it better, there were dozens of disappointments, shocks, and losses along the way. 

     Your experience with your dad may be quite different. Perhaps you had a troubled history with him and now is the time to take your healing to the next level. Or maybe you missed physically being with your father in some way. Whatever the case, you are very aware of the challenges and how they come to the surface as a parent ages and dies. 

     You also know that there are few places for daughters to connect about what we are going through – mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And the heavy toll on our bodies is real, for some daughters more than others, especially given all the other responsibilities women carry.

     That’s why I created ‘Daughters & Fathers’ – the kind of mini-retreat I’d also like to go to! We all need a high quality place to be that brings relief and a lasting inner shift, to alchemize the pain and heartache through ‘experiential learning’ so we feel more grounded and whole than before. 

     And, as we complete our workshop, you will have a painting full of your own expressions to cherish. So… if this calls to you, dear one, I hope to see you very soon!


Much love from me,

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, this workshop is for you!


Daughters & Fathers is for all women who have lost an elderly dad and are seeking a meaningful way to process what’s happened. This is a small group on purpose, with personalized guidance available. No prior art experience necessary, promise!


Learn a proven method for recovering the joy and meaning of life, particularly in challenging times, a method you can use for the rest of your life. Experience the “flow state” with paint and canvas, where stress dissolves and aha’s illuminate what you couldn’t access before. It’s rich, messy… deep work with sparks of joy!


February 17-18 @ 9:30am – 4pm each day. We’ll be in Elaine’s home studio on her pond in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia (though you’d never know the big city is right there!) If you are coming in from out-of-town, we’ll provide you with a list of where to stay nearby.


Take dedicated time for YOU in a world that doesn’t seem to slow down for grieving souls. Give yourself permission to let go of distractions, focus on what you need, and make room for the internal shifts you are ready for.


Elaine Alpert, M.Ed, brings her personal experience with significant loss together with 30 years of leading transformational groups internationally. She will teach you aspects of her model, The MindPeace MethodTM which includes the power of Intentional CreativityTM – such a beautiful flow that invites you to a higher and deeper level of awareness about yourself, your creative process, and how to heal your life. We will paint and process, journal and share, move our bodies… and sit on the deck, taking in the water and wildlife.


All you need is a canvas (24 x 36 or 30 x 40), paint clothes, and lunch each day. Everything else is supplied!

Flow painting close-ups… You simply can’t get this wrong!

Just imagine claiming 2 days for yourself to learn, release, and grow in a way that feels right to you and your life. Grief work can often feel too heavy… but not here!

As you tap into color, texture, writing and sharing, the flow opens up and you will begin to find the answers, support, and guidance you most need.

When intentional women come together… 
the alchemical magic begins!

Some love from workshop participants

“I consider myself genuinely lucky to have been in this class guided by you. I love this work and how you gracefully navigate difficult topics. I treasure your insights and can feel your earnest desire to help us heal and blossom!”
~ Jackie H
“After my loss, I signed up for your program and shared my raw grief and guilt. I will always believe an angel named Elaine showed me how to live again. I am so happy to have this group and everything you have taught me!”
~ Carol M

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Full Payment
$ 495
2 Monthly Payments
$ 250

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Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

Founder and Board President,
MindPeace Miracles Inc.

On a dusky Spring evening in 2004, while celebrating our younger son’s 9th birthday, our family was blindsided by the unimaginable.

Our 16-year-old son Rand… (read more here…)

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