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How to get connected with us Online

Join a guided Private Facebook Group

1. MindPeace Community – Loss, Learning, Love

This guided Private Facebook Group is for women who want a deeper dive into real conversation about how to deal with life when the challenges hit and result in some form of loss. 

From the loss of a dream to the loss of someone we love, from an empty nest to an aging body, we don’t always notice that it’s Grief we’re experiencing. Or allow ourselves to fully feel it, own it, speak it, connect with each other about it. 

By owning our grief, what is available to us? Rich connection, belonging, knowing ourselves, a settling inside. Aligning with life purpose. Surrender to life as it is. A deep well of inner peace. An open heart that feels drawn to take action with compassion.

2. Moms Healing Together After Suicide or Overdose 

Because it’s so hard to relate to a loss like this unless you’ve been through it, we need each other for sharing, support, and encouragement. This guided Private Facebook Group is for moms who know there is a lot at stake. They want to be able to be present for their families instead of living the rest of their lives trapped by what’s happened. If you don’t like a lot of grief Facebook groups, try this one. It’s new! Our intention is to be real while also being aware of the fears that say, “My life is over” or “I’ll never be happy again.” We will share and learn how to navigate this journey together. Please join us!

3. MindPeace for Moms – After Suicide or Overdose

This community is for all mothers in MindPeace Programs. Once a mom joins ‘Pathway to Peace of Mind’ online, she gains access to this Private Facebook Group for as long as she chooses. We share powerful discussions, MindPeace Tools, processes, recordings… and a deep and abiding connection. Feel free to join once you are in a MindPeace Program.

How to meet each other In Person

Once you have participated Online, you are invited to attend!

What women are saying about this Community:

“There is nothing more powerful or healing than surrounding yourself with people who understand your struggles because they have endured the same.” – L.B.


“It’s a safe haven to be myself and say what I needed to say without worrying what other people will think.” – M.C.


“I don’t know what I would’ve done without Elaine and all the tools she’s taught us. And all the amazing warrior women being so real, how we’ve been there for each other over the past year!” C.S.