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From Elaine Alpert, founder of MindPeace Miracles:

As a former Integrative Health Coach and a mother dealing with significant loss, I know how hard the body can be hit by intense grief.

I have carefully selected these products to fortify physical and emotional resilience! 

All proceeds go to support our mission of helping women and families reclaim their lives after substantial loss.


About FlorAlive® Flower Essences

They perform like “Liquid Software For The Mind™”, overwriting and removing defeating beliefs and memories of trauma from our unconscious mind!

“In my almost 20 years of practice, I have never found anything as remarkable as the FlorAlive flower essences…. It’s grace in a bottle.”

– Dr. Jane Lock



To repair a “hole in the heart” from the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, etc. This VERY COMMON problem is seldom recognized by the individual harboring this unconscious pain. When the condition is removed, energy and enthusiasm improves.

“My heart was broken… I’ve taken HeartMend. Oh my goodness! My heart wasn’t heavy anymore. I started feeling like myself again.”

— Angie

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End 2 Panic


To help stop unfounded panic, nervousness, and hyper-vigilance. To help produce greater mind/spirit coherence. To affirm the belief, “I belong”.

“I felt like I could see the day and become unstuck. It was remarkable.”

— Barbara

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Our master combination essence for mental/emotional uplifting, and to diminish body/mind response to a broad range of stressors. Especially reduces the effects of abuse and trauma.

“My trust issues have greatly improved and because of that my relationships.”

— Ashley

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Stress and anxiety support – 1oz

This amazing formula calms down the Monkey Mind! Especially great for bedtime if your mind won’t stop running.

All-natural formula of herbs, amino acids and minerals that causes the brain to “turn off” stress factors.

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VBF Defense

Support for Viral, Bacterial, Fungal Issues

It is scientifically proven that all living organisms carry a specific frequency. VBF is updated each year with the frequencies of the latest viral strains.  A unique 3-prong formula, VBF Defense helps your body naturally cleanse viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms.

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Deep Core Energy

Restore Mitichondria, the power generators in each cell

Each cell has its own power generator, the mitochondria, which turn our food and oxygen into energy. Mitochondria are essential to focus, vitality, metabolism and overall health. When your cellular energy drops, you begin aging and your body is at risk for chronic disease. Deep Core Energy supports muscle tone, healthy tissue growth, telomere lengthening, and the reversal of mitochondrial damage.  

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