Help for Your Family during the Coronavirus Outbreak

From Elaine Alpert, founder of MindPeace Miracles:

As a former Integrative Health Coach and a mother dealing with significant loss, I know how hard the body can be hit by intense grief. I often encourage our course participants to make sure they are heeding the advice of their health practitioners. My own Japanese acupuncturist said to me shortly after my loss, “Make sure you take care, too many parents get cancer, I see they get very sick.”

It was a shock to hear, but the wake-up call I needed. 

Now with the coronavirus outbreak, it is ever more important that we pay attention to our health, for ourselves and for the sake of our families. I have carefully selected these 2 products to fortify physical and emotional resilience during this pandemic.

All proceeds go to support our mission of helping women and families reclaim their lives after substantial loss.


VBF Defense

Support for Viral, Bacterial, Fungal Issues

It is scientifically proven that all living organisms carry a specific frequency. VBF is updated each year with the frequencies of the latest viral strains.  A unique 3-prong formula, VBF Defense helps your body naturally cleanse viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms.

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Deep Core Energy

Restore Mitichondria, the power generators in each cell

Each cell has its own power generator, the mitochondria, which turn our food and oxygen into energy. Mitochondria are essential to focus, vitality, metabolism and overall health. When your cellular energy drops, you begin aging and your body is at risk for chronic disease. Deep Core Energy supports muscle tone, healthy tissue growth, telomere lengthening, and the reversal of mitochondrial damage.  

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