Programs and Retreats

What we are up to these days…

Our regular programs are on hold while we focus on TWO major projects!

  1. A six-part Documentary series filmed in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand to bring more awareness, deep healing, and compassion into our world. Addressing the big social issues of our era, this series is a global call to action: Now more than ever, it is time to turn within, connect with each other, and align with the Great Mystery of life, for the sake of our planet and all beings.
  2. A physical nonprofit Center for creative self-expression, healing, and leadership offering  transformational workshops and enlivening events available to a variety of people – leaders, professionals, educators, seekers, marginalized communities, and children.

Many of the healing experiences observed in the film series will be delivered through the Center. A global community will be able to join via zoom and livestream. We intend to provide training for others to lead our programs.

Stay Informed!

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Private Mentoring with Elaine Alpert on Zoom

You can find out more right here about how you can work directly with Elaine, whatever your goals are, and sign up for a conversation to see if this is a fit for you!