Programs and Retreats

5-night Retreat full of connection and learning in the peace of the North Georgia mountains!  

Join Elaine Alpert & Sylvia Hebert as Facilitators for a creatively curated mix…
Part guided workshop, part unfettered time. Bold and compassionate guidance to dive as deep as you choose. Room to connect, play and roam the land!


Plunge! Retreat

October 23 – 28, 2022
Nacoochee, Georgia

Summer Programs

Summer Splash in the Deeper Stream

May 14 – June 11 – July 9 – August 20

Summer Monthly Dip 

May 7 – June 25 – July 17 – August 13

Join us ONLINE… from anywhere with internet

Your entryway into MindPeace Programs is online with ‘Pathway to Peace of Mind’ – 4 engaging interactive Sessions led by Elaine Alpert. After each Tool is shared you’ll benefit from seeing the Tools put into practice and learn how to use them in your everyday life. Versions of this program are available for suicide loss and loss by overdose – for mothers, wives/partners, daughters and sisters.

It’s LIVE… and also recorded. After each Session, you’ll receive Video/Audio Recordings and Handouts.

Pathway to Peace of Mind

Session 1: The Source of Our Extra Suffering 
Reveal the root cause of your extra pain so you can do something about it, no matter who or what you’re facing. You’ll gain a profound tool to change the course of your healing.

Session 2: How to Unwind Your Cycle of Pain 
Use this proven, practical tool to help you stop the swirl of pain and confusion, feel lighter and more resolved.

Session 3: The Truth of the Matter 
How to get grounded, feel connected and grow confidence, even when very hard things are happening all around you. Get relief from victimhood, blame, guilt, and shame.

Session 4: Set the Pace for Your Future
Bring it all together in this session to open up more ease, clarity and possibility about the rest of your precious life. Feel more peace in your life.

Ongoing Connection and Learning

After ‘Pathway to Peace of Mind’, you can join our Zoom Programs for as long as you choose. They are full of practical tips and tools to navigate this journey, as well as heartfelt conversations that lead to a supportive network of sisterhood across the US and Canada.

Private Mentoring with Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

(via Zoom video conference platform)

A note from Elaine:
As a mother, I know the pain and complexity of losing a child by suicide. As a Mentor, I have been working with individual clients for 25 years. Private Sessions offer targeted tools within a proven method to make real progress in your healing journey. They can be a perfect adjunct to therapy, support groups, and our MindPeace programs. Feel free to reach out for a 15-minute phone call to discuss.